Terrace Top Nets

Terrace Top Safety Nets Installation in Bangalore

Elevate your safety standards with Terrace Top Safety Nets Installation services in Bangalore by Kasulu Enterprises. Our expert team specializes in crafting customized solutions to secure your terrace, preventing accidental falls and creating a safe haven for both residents and pets. Using durable materials that withstand diverse weather conditions, our professional installations ensure a seamless blend of safety and aesthetics. Enjoy unobstructed views while prioritizing the well-being of your loved ones. Trust Kasulu Enterprises for a reliable, transparent, and efficient terrace safety net solution in Bangalore.

Sports net is useful in creating more safe space out of a limited area. Many cricket pitches can be created in a given area if it is separated by nets. Nets can be used on terraces of buildings or in compounds to restrict balls from damaging property or threatening life. The player enjoys his game as he is allowed to play powerful shots or kick the ball as hard as he wants in the netted ground. We have special nets made for indoor cricket and football. The nets are UV stabilized for long life. They are designed to withstand impacts caused by balls and players.

We have a special team designated to build an entire Indoor football ground complete with the metal fabrication to the turf and the total netted exterior. Indoor Football Net has high elasticity, strength as well as excellent durability. These nets are of square shape with non-slippery knots. This net is extensively demanded in sports complexes, co-operative societies, Clubs and other playgrounds.

Services Offered:


  • Fall Prevention: The primary purpose of terrace top safety nets is to prevent accidental falls from terraces, balconies, or elevated spaces. This is particularly crucial in high-rise buildings or areas with elevated outdoor spaces.
  • Uninterrupted Views: The transparent nature of the safety nets allows for uninterrupted views, ensuring that the aesthetic appeal of your terrace is maintained.
  • Weather Resistance: The materials used are resistant to weather conditions, providing a reliable safety solution throughout the year.
  • Child and Pet Safety: Besides protecting adults, these safety nets are also effective in creating a secure environment for children and pets, allowing them to enjoy the terrace space safely.